Course curriculum

    1. Course Description

    2. Introduction

    3. Lesson 1: Starting the Journey

    4. Lesson 2: Self Awareness

    5. Lesson 3: Self Appreciation

    6. Lesson 4: Inner Dialogue

    7. Lesson 5: Self-Love Affirmations

    8. Lesson 6: Body Gratitude

    9. Lesson 7: Emotional Healing

    10. Lesson 8: Gratitude for Self

    11. Lesson 9: Being True to You

    12. Lesson 10: Self-Compassion

    13. Lesson 11: Bonus Day! You Are the Love You Seek

About this course

  • $30.00
  • Are you ready to live a life of greater inner peace, confidence, joy and freedom?
  • Learning to love ourselves, and embody that love in our daily lives, opens doorways to deep relief, and even freedom, from the pain that self judgment, self doubt, and disconnection from our own self can cause.
  • Over this 10 day journey you will practice meeting yourself again and again with love and compassion, building a strong foundation for living a most beautiful life experience.

Build the foundation for a most beautiful, love filled life.